CSS is your bridge to low cost high quality FRP composite products

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS)

"A truly unique composite engineering consultancy"

CSS plies 30+ years of composite product development, composite manufacturing scale-up, and high volume composite production experience to furnish Clients with innovative fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite engineering solutions across numerous industries, our strength being in consumer and industrial composite applications with challenging geometries, performance requirements, and cost constraints.

Composite Engineering Consulting Services

CSS' composite engineering services support short-term focused FRP composite endeavors such as composite design and prototype fabrication efforts through multi-year, multidisciplinary composite product and manufacturing development programs with product commercialization as the end goal.

Lightweight Multi-Section Composite Davit

CSS utilizes relevant composite product development experience and tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of composite structures to predict and optimize composite design performance in advance of composite prototype fabrication and validation testing.

Carbon Fiber Spool Model

Composite prototypes can be fabricated by CSS, by the Client, or through a partnership with a prospective composite manufacturer to evaluate representative pre-production samples.

Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM) of hollow composite structures with irregular shapes and variable cross sections is an area of expertise, both limited and high volume composite bladder molding applications.

And for Clients who wish to develop or expand in-house production capacity, CSS can provide the composite production support needed to transition from a handful of composite prototypes to an efficient composite production line including work cell design, equipment recommendations, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Product Specifications, and Quality Control documentation.

Overseas Manufacturing Liaison Services

CSS' engineering services also provides a reliable technical and logistical bridge to vetted overseas composite manufacturers for Clients who want to import low cost, high quality, high performance composite products made in China.

Composite Products
Made In China

High volume overseas composite product examples include fiberglass or carbon fiber straight, tapered, and/or curved hollow composite structures such as composite arrows, paddle and golf shafts, bicycle frames, racquets, bats, and other value-added composite tubing components.   CSS also supports overseas compression molding of decorative inserts, composite springs, plates, shells, and other solid geometries.

High Volume Carbon Fiber Shaft Production
And Value-Added Manufacturing

CSS' overseas liaison services are effectively an extension of the Client's Composite Engineering, Composite Production, and Purchasing Departments.   In addition to selecting the right manufacturer, CSS oversees qualification of value-added composite products in overseas composite factories and manages overseas composite production on behalf of the Client; a unique opportunity to maximize margins while mitigating common overseas sourcing headaches.

Our Philosophy ...

We strive to develop the best balance of Performance, Quality, and Cost regardless of our Client's FRP composite program scope or size.   Effectively managing this interdependent relationship is at the core of our mission statement and the inspiration behind our company logo.

"Whether an inventor at the conceptual stage or an established manufacturer seeking slightly better margins ... CSS can serve as your engineering bridge to affordable, high quality, performance composite products."

FRP composite product design or production related questions?   Please contact us to discuss your composite program needs.