CSS has more than 30 years of experience supporting the design and manufacture of complex hollow composite structures produced with Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM).
• BIM allows composite product designers and production engineers to
  consider complex hollow shapes

• BIM can be combined with compression molding to produce hybrid

• BIM is an affordable choice for high volume production of small to
  medium size parts

• BIM produces parts with excellent OML surface quality

• BIM supports hotmelt prepreg processing and resin infusion of dry
  fiber preforms (e.g., VARTM, RTM)
Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM) is suitable for a wide variety of hollow FRP composite part geometries including:
• Tapered or Irregular Cross Sections
• Rings or Annular Regions
• Non-Linear or Curved Tubing
• Closed Envelopes (e.g., Containers, Tanks, etc.)
Project Example - Stroller Frame Member
Program Objective:

Replace constant 22 mm diameter 6061-T6 aluminum tube frame member with a FRP composite execution; Maximize weight savings and improve fatigue life without sacrificing bending stiffness or strength

CSS' Composite Solution:

Bladder Inflation Molded (BIM) carbon/epoxy tubular frame member with an elongated 76 mm perimeter cross section near the highest bending moment and round 69 mm perimeter cross sections on either end to mate with existing frame members. Discrete reinforcements were added for local stiffening, additional bearing strength around holes and cutouts, and for increased hoop strength at the ends.
Material: 75 g/mē FAW UD Carbon/Epoxy Hotmelt Prepreg

Cured Fiber Volume: 58%
Cured Resin Content: 32% by Weight

Part Weight: 66 g; 48% Savings
Bending Strength: 53% Increase
Fatigue Life: 2X Improvement
Local Thickness
Build-Ups Around
Notch Locations
Axial Dominated Layup on Tension and Compression Faces

Bias/Balanced Layup on Sidewalls and Around Fastener Hole
Inner and Outer
CSS is your bridge to low cost,
high quality FRP composite products

Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM) Services

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