CSS is your bridge to low cost high quality FRP composite products

Composite Research & Intellectual Property Development Services

"CSS' Research & Intellectual Property (IP) Development Services help Clients turn rough napkin sketches into valuable FRP composite assets."

CSS provides or assembles the fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite engineering knowledge and expertise required to evaluate and further the development of novel concepts utilizing FRP composite materials ... regardless of the starting point.

"Are composite materials the best choice for my application?"

CSS' Research and IP Development programs are largely based on assessing the suitability of composite materials for the proposed application.   Conceptual studies coupled with critical material performance evaluations and process demonstrations eliminate uncertainty and often serve as a stepping stone to Composite Product Development efforts.   Research & IP Development programs may include:

  • Preliminary Material Selection
  • Product Design Studies
  • Producibility Evaluations
  • Production Cost Approximations
  • Material Experiments
  • Process Demonstrations

CSS can also collaborate with the Client to refine less established, raw product concepts that may or may not utilize FRP composites and help the client obtain patent protection.   CSS' Research and IP Development programs can be tailored to include:

  • Ideation Sessions
  • Competing Product Analysis
  • Worldwide Patent Searches
  • Patent Application Development

If you have any questions about the benefits or utilization of FRP composites or if you need help with a rough product concept please contact us.   We look forward to providing assistance ... or at a minimum pointing you in the right direction.