CSS is your bridge to low cost high quality FRP composite products

Typical Overseas Composite Factory

CSS maintains several long term China based fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite vendor relationships to meet its Clients production needs.   The typical China composite factory is ISO Certified and equipped with a material and product test laboratory.   Most produce their own hotmelt fiberglass and carbon fiber composite prepregs and can accommodating FRP composite production volumes in excess of 100,000 units/year.

The China composite factories can also perform value-added operations such as source other components, build out assemblies, perform custom machining, apply custom finishes and graphics, conduct 100% proof testing, accommodate special packaging requirements, etc.

Composite Factory Facts & Figures

  • 35+ Years of Composite Expertise
  • 1,000,000+ Products Produced Annually
  • 300,000+ sq.ft. Production Facility
  • Testing & Quality Control Laboratories

In-House Hotmelt Prepregging

  • Made to Order; No Shelf Life Issues
  • Custom Resin Formulations
  • Low FAW Uni and Woven Hotmelt Prepregs
  • Hybrid Reinforcements; e.g. Carbon and Glass

Composite Manufacturing Expertise

  • Hand Layup / Table Rolling
  • Shrink Tape / Oven Cure
  • Compression Molding
  • Bladder Inflation Molding
  • Resin Infusion