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Overseas Sourcing Services

"Realize 10-50% net cost savings without sacrificing FRP composite product performance or quality"

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS) Overseas Sourcing Services foster and maintain long term sourcing relationships between our Clients and vetted China composites manufacturers with a proven track record of supplying high quality, high performance composite products.

Import High Quality
FRP Composite Products
From China With Confidence

CSS' Overseas Sourcing Services start with obtaining a clear definition of the fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite product and overseas sourcing objectives. If the composites application is still under development CSS' Composite Engineering Services can help finalize the product design before going overseas.

An affiliated overseas composites manufacturer is then selected based on the required composites expertise, available production capacity, and other defined sourcing needs. CSS works with the manufacturer to develop preliminary production pricing and composite prototypes for Client evaluation and testing.

Given Client approval CSS manages the transition to full-scale production. CSS drafts production control documents, develops overseas Quality Control testing capability, coordinates fabrication of production tooling, and executes small batch pilot runs to refine all manufacturing operations in advance of production orders.

CSS communicates with the overseas manufacturer throughout the production qualification and start-up process to ensure that all product performance and quality objectives are met.

CSS also manages order fulfillment as part of our Overseas Sourcing Services including Client Purchase Order placement and scheduling, issuing Production Change Notices, production troubleshooting and problem resolution, and shipping coordination.

Each shipment is physically tested and visually inspected prior to shipment. Acceptable FRP composite products are packaged and shipped directly from the overseas manufacturer to the Client.

High Volume Carbon Fiber
Composite Shaft Production
And Value-Added Manufacturing

CSS' vetted composites manufacturers use table rolling or Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM) to produce tubular composite structures for applications such as arrow shafts, push rods, paddle shafts, golf shafts, ski poles, canes, booms, posts, armatures, bicycle frames, bats, handles, and other challenging shapes.

Carbon Fiber Composite
Bladder Inflation Molded
Stroller Frame Member

CSS' affiliated manufacturers also produce composite products by vacuum forming, compression molding, and autoclave molding. Product examples include covers, guards, plates, flat springs, structural inserts, stiffened skins, sandwich panels, etc.

FRP Composite Protective Cover

Overseas Composites Manufacturing At A Glance

Custom Layup Designs

  • Carbon, E-Glass, S2 Glass, Kevlar, Polyethylene, Basalt, and Other Structural Reinforcements
  • Unidirectional, Woven, or Braided Material Forms
  • Local Reinforcements and Build-Ups
  • Decorative Accent Materials

Composite Molding Methods

  • Roll Wrapping
  • Bladder Inflation Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Autoclave Molding

Custom Finishes and Graphics

  • Spray Booth Paint Finishes
  • Dip Coating or Water Transfer Printing
  • Water Transfer Decals
  • Hot Film Stamping
  • Screen Printing
  • Pad Printing

Value Added Manufacturing

  • Custom Profile Trimming
  • Drilling, Routing, Milling
  • Sanding, Centerless Grinding
  • Compression Fit Assemblies
  • Foamed Interiors
  • Adhesive Bonded Assemblies
  • Tight Tolerance Telescoping Assemblies