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Overseas Composite Manufacturing & Procurement Liaison Services

"Clients often realize 10-50% net cost savings without sacrificing quality"

CSS does not buy and resell composite products.   Instead CSS identifies and recommends vetted overseas composite manufacturers who possess the right mix of relevant composite manufacturing experience and production capacity to fulfill the Client's production needs, whether a new product sourcing need or a second supplier qualification.

Import Value-Added
Composite Products
With Confidence

CSS works closely with the Client and overseas manufacturer to produce composite prototype samples, qualify products and production lines, coordinate production start-ups, and manage ongoing composite production 12 time zones and 8000 miles away on the Client's behalf.   In effect CSS' liaison services are an extension of the Client's Engineering, Production, Purchasing, and Quality Control departments for FRP composite products.

"Our Overseas Composite Manufacturing & Procurement Liaison Services' goal is for every box, pallet, and container shipment to meet or exceed the quality and performance of the approved production samples."

CSS also integrates more traditional composite engineering consulting services such as Composite Product Development and Composite Production Support to seamlessly transition domestic composite concept development efforts to affordable medium to high volume overseas composite production.

"CSS' fostered sourcing relationships have successfully imported over $5M worth of fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite goods."

Examples of imported composite products produced by CSS' vetted composite manufacturers include carbon fiber and fiberglass composite tubing for applications such as arrow shafts, push rods, paddle shafts, golf shafts, ski poles, canes, booms, posts, armatures and other complex tubular composite designs produced on straight or tapered rigid mandrels.

High Volume Carbon Fiber Shaft Production And Value-Added Manufacturing

Other sourced FRP composite product examples include non-linear and/or curved hollow products such as composite bicycle frame members, racquets, bats, ergonomically shaped handles, and other challenging hollow structures produced by Bladder Inflation Molding.

Composite products produced by vacuum forming, compression molding, or autoclave molding are also routinely sourced from vetted composite manufacturers. Product examples include covers, guards, plates, flat springs, structural inserts, stiffened skins, sandwich panels, etc.

Overseas Composite Manufacturing At-A-Glance ...

Composite manufacturing capability and expertise varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but as a collective there are few production limitations ...

Custom Layup Designs

Roll Wrapped Tubing

Bladder Molded Parts

Compression Molded Parts

Autoclave Molded Parts

Custom Finishes and Graphics

Value Added Manufacturing

Additional overseas composite manufacturing information is available in Overseas Composite Production FAQ.

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