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Overseas Composite Manufacturing & Procurement Liaison Services

"Clients often realize 10-50% net cost savings without sacrificing quality"

CSS does not buy and resell composite products.   Instead CSS helps its Clients find vetted overseas composite vendors with the right mix of relevant composite manufacturing experience and production capacity to fulfill anticipated production orders on time.   CSS then works directly with the overseas vendors to establish and maintain composite production lines 12 time zones and 8000 miles away on the Client's behalf.

In effect CSS' Overseas Composite Manufacturing & Purchasing Liaison services are an extension of our Client's Composite Engineering, Production, Purchasing, and Quality Control Departments.

CSS' Liaison Services are used to establish a first or second overseas manufacturer of a Client's qualified fiberglass and carbon fiber composite products or composite assemblies.   CSS also integrates more traditional composite engineering consulting services such as Composite Product Development and Composite Production Support to seamlessly transition fiberglass or carbon fiber prototype level concepts into overseas production.

CSS' Overseas Liaison services support high volume value-added production of fiberglass and carbon fiber tubing for applications such as composite arrows, paddle shafts, golf shafts, poles, posts, and other straight composite tubing with performance specifications that simply can't be met by pultruded structures.   Other imported composite product examples include non-linear and/or curved hollow products such as composite bicycle frame members, racquets, bats, ergonomically shaped handles, and other challenging hollow structures made by Bladder Inflation Molding.   Compression molded product examples include composite flat springs, plates, guards, structural inserts, decorative inlays, and other solid composite geometries.

"CSS' fostered sourcing relationships have brought in over $4M worth of fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite goods."

Composite Products
Made In China

How it works ...

CSS works closely with the Client to clearly define the product and production sourcing objectives.   With the Client's permission CSS will obtain preliminary quotations from a vetted China vendor with the appropriate manufacturing expertise and available production capacity.

If the quotes are acceptable and the parties agree to proceed, CSS will help the Client source composite samples for preliminary product evaluations through production line qualifications.   Concurrently CSS will help the Client develop Product Specifications, Test Methods, and Quality Control documentation to manage overseas production and ensure product consistency.   In production CSS will provide order placement assistance, manage the production process, troubleshoot production problems, and coordinate product shipments all on the Client's behalf.   Effectively CSS shoulders the overseas sourcing technical and logistical headaches so our Clients can focus on other important business details.

"Our Overseas Composite Manufacturing & Procurement Liaison Services goal is for every box, pallet, and container shipment to meet or exceed the quality and performance of the approved production samples."

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