Composite Sourcing Solutions

"Your bridge to affordable high performance FRP composites"

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS) provides cost-effective fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites engineering and manufacturing support as well as overseas sourcing assistance for consumer, industrial and medical composite product applications.

Our Clients range from inventors considering novel FRP composites applications to established companies seeking more reliable composite manufacturing processes and/or supply chain partners who can deliver better quality products on time with fewer headaches.

CSS Project Examples

Bladder Molded Composite Shafts
Resin Infused Fiberglass Composite Davit
Compression Molded Composite Wave Springs
Bladder Molded Composite Fairing
Resin Infused Composite X-Ray Products
Bladder Molded FRP Composite Cover
Resin Infused Composite Transmission Container
Bladder Molded Composite Tent Poles
Press Molded Piezoelectric Fiber Composites
Resin Infused FRP Composite Spools
Autoclave Molded FRP Composite Insoles
Bladder Molded Stroller Frame Members

CSS also facilitates sourcing of affordable CNC machined metal and composite parts through several vetted overseas machine shops.

"Regardless of project size or scope, we look forward to providing the FRP composites expertise and overseas sourcing assistance required to achieve your program objectives."