Composite Sourcing Solutions

"Your bridge to affordable
high performance FRP composites"

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS) is a unique composites engineering firm with more than 35 years of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite design, product development, high volume manufacturing and overseas sourcing experience.

CSS' Overseas Sourcing Assistance services help Clients procure high quality composite components, finished products and value-added assemblies made in China ... with greater clarity and fewer headaches.

CSS Clients have imported more than $10M of composite products (retail value over $45M) while realizing significant net unit and production tooling cost savings.

Import FRP Composite
Products With Confidence

CSS introduces Clients to vetted overseas suppliers with the required manufacturing expertise and capacity to meet current as well as future production needs. Furthermore, CSS mitigates sourcing risk by managing all aspects of overseas production, from sample development to Purchase Order fulfillment, on the Client's behalf.

Overseas Sourcing Assistance Advantages

  1. Proven FRP Composites Suppliers
  2. Lower Production Start Up Costs
  3. Streamlined Product Qualifications
  4. Active Production Troubleshooting
  5. Enhanced Product Quality Control

  6. Fewer Procurement Headaches
  7. On-Time Product Shipments
  8. Landed Unit Cost Savings

CSS' Overseas Sourcing Assistance services manifest in on-time product shipments meeting or exceeding qualified sample quality and performance. Should the Client's incoming inspection identify product or packaging discrepancies, CSS will work with the supplier to resolve the issue and manage the associated order credit and/or product replacement requests.

Note: CSS does not buy and resell goods. All procurement contracts are between the Client and supplier; all products are shipped direct from the supplier to the Client and the Client is responsible for all payments to supplier for acceptable goods received.

CSS also provides traditional contract engineering services in support of consumer, industrial and medical product development, composite process development and in-house production needs.

Traditional FRP Composites
Engineering & Manufacturing Support

  • Prototype Design & Testing
  • Tooling & Process Development
  • Product Development & Refinement
  • Production Control Documentation
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization

"We look forward to providing FRP Composites overseas sourcing assistance and the technical expertise required to achieve your program objectives."

CSS Project Examples

Ceramic Fiber
Manufacturing Optimization
Press Molded
Piezoelectric Fiber Composites
Resin Infused
Composite Military Container
Compression & Bladder Molded
Archery Components
Table Rolled
Composite Shafts
Compression Molded
Composite Lumber
Resin Infused
Composite X-Ray Products
Bladder Molded
Composite Bats
Bladder Molded
Composite Fairing
Resin Infused
Fiberglass Composite Davit
Bladder Molded Curved
Composite Tent Poles
Bladder Molded
Stroller Frame Members
Compression Molded
Composite Wave Springs
Bladder Molded
Percussion Instruments
Bladder Molded
Fiberglass Architectural Columns
Bladder Molded
FRP Composite Cover
Bladder Molded
Composite Shafts
Resin Infused
Composite Reel Components
Autoclave Molded
FRP Composite Insoles
Compression Molded
FRP Composite Blades
Fiberglass Composite
Surfboard Fins