CSS is your bridge to low cost high quality FRP composite products

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS)

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS) builds reliable bridges to vetted overseas composites manufacturers and manages all aspects of product sourcing so our Clients can import high quality, high performance fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite products with ease and often at a 10-50% net cost savings.

Import High Quality
FRP Composite Products
From China With Confidence

CSS leverage 35 years of composites engineering and overseas sourcing experience to provide turnkey consumer product, medical, and industrial procurement solutions.

FRP composites manufacturer selection, production control document creation, composite sample fabrication, QC test method development, production line qualifications, order placement and prioritization, production problem resolution, shipping coordination, and vendor communications are the core of CSS' Overseas Sourcing Services.

"CSS' Overseas Sourcing Services have helped Clients import over $5M worth of high quality fiber reinforced polymer composite products."

CSS also offers traditional Composites Engineering Services in support of FRP composites product R&D, process development, prototype fabrication, and manufacturing scale-up programs.

Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM) of complex hollow composite structures is a particular area of expertise. CSS provides bladder molded product design, process development, and manufacturing scale-up support for prepreg based and resin infused FRP composite applications. CSS can also provide assistance developing in-house bladder manufacturing capability.

"Whether an inventor trying to advance a new composites application or an established manufacturer seeking better margins, CSS is your bridge to affordable high performance FRP composite products."

CSS also maintains affiliations with China based CNC machining and stamped metal part manufacturers should an application require an affordable precision aluminum or steel insert or standalone part.

We look forward to discussing your project needs and providing cost-effective sourcing solutions for each project regardless of size or scope.