CSS is your bridge to low cost high quality FRP composite products

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS)

"Composite Engineering Services and Overseas Production Support"

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS) is a unique fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites engineering resource. CSS offers Traditional Composite Engineering Services in support of domestic projects as well as Overseas Composite Manufacturing & Procurement Liaison Services to facilitate sourcing of affordable FRP composite components, finished goods, and value-added assemblies.

Clients utilize CSS' Traditional Composite Engineering Services to further challenging FRP composite applications or resolve nagging in-house composite production issues. CSS' Traditional Composite Engineering services include FRP composite product design, basic FEA analysis, product development, prototype fabrication, manufacturing process development, and production scale-up and troubleshooting support.

CSS' Overseas Composite Manufacturing & Procurement Liaison Services often help Clients realize 10-50% net cost savings without sacrificing product performance or quality. CSS manages all overseas manufacturer communications and oversees the engineering, testing, production, and shipping details of each Client order to ensure FRP composite product accuracy and timely delivery.

CSS supports continuous fiber reinforced polymer composite applications predominantly in the consumer, marine, and industrial product sectors. Our greatest strengths lie in the development and medium to high volume production of FRP composite consumer products with challenging geometries and demanding performance requirements.

Why Choose CSS ...

We deliver sound, cost-effective composite solutions in the course of satisfying our Clients' composite product design, composite manufacturing, and overseas composite sourcing needs. We do so by being a nimble composite consultancy focused on achieving the best balance of Performance, Quality, and Cost regardless of program scope or size. Effectively managing this interdependent relationship is one of our core values and the inspiration behind our company logo.

"Whether an inventor at the conceptual stage or an established manufacturer seeking better margins ... CSS is your engineering bridge to affordable, high quality, performance composite products."

Please Contact Us to discuss your FRP composite program needs or learn more about CSS' Composite Engineering and Overseas Composite Manufacturing & Procurement Liaison services.