Composites Manufacturing Support

"Develop in-house FRP composites
manufacturing capability"

CSS provides support required to transition from successful product development efforts to in-house production of FRP composite components and finished assemblies. CSS also helps Clients expand composite production capability or resolve nagging production problems.

CSS' Composite Manufacturing Support efforts typically focus on hand and semi-automated layup, table rolling & oven cure, compression molding, Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM), resin infusion (VARTM) and autoclave manufacturing operations.

Composites Manufacturing Support Services

New Production Lines

  • Manpower Estimates
  • Capital Investment Estimates
  • Production Tooling Design
  • Production Work Cell Layout
  • Process Automation Assessment
  • Test Method Development
  • Process & Job Traveler Creation

Existing Production Lines

  • Tooling Design Optimization
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Work Flow Improvements
  • Process Automation
  • Material Scrap Reduction
  • Rejection Rates Reduction
  • Warranty Problem Resolution

Reshoring Composites Production

CSS' Composites Manufacturing Support services can also be tailored to help Clients move labor intensive high volume FRP composite production lines back to the States.

CSS' Reshoring efforts may include but are not limited to input on raw material requirements, material storage and handling, tooling and equipment needs, floor space requirements, work cell designs, staffing requirements and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).