CSS is your bridge to affordable high performance FRP composite products

Composite Sourcing Solutions (CSS)

Composite Sourcing Solutions provides the engineering, manufacturing and logistics support required to seamlessly transition from in-house product design to sourcing high performance fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite products from vetted overseas composites manufacturers.

CSS mitigates overseas procurement risks and shields Clients from headaches associated with sourcing medical, industrial, and consumer FRP composite products an ocean away.

Import High Quality
FRP Composite Products
With Confidence

CSS’ Overseas Sourcing Services, backed by 35 years of composites engineering and high volume manufacturing experience, also help Clients qualify alternate FRP composites suppliers to reduce sourcing cost or resolve recurring production problems.

"CSS Clients often realize a significant landed cost savings without sacrificing FRP composites product performance or quality."

CSS also offers traditional Composites Engineering Services in support of domestic FRP composites product R&D, prototype fabrication, process optimization, and manufacturing scale-up programs.

Our Bladder Inflation Molding (BIM) services help Clients develop and produce complex hollow composite components and integrated structures. CSS provides bladder molded product design, tooling development, in-house bladder fabrication, and manufacturing support for prepreg based and resin infused FRP composite applications.

CSS also facilitates sourcing of affordable precision machined FRP composite and metal parts through our affiliation with several CNC machining and metal part manufacturers.

Regardless of project size or scope, we look forward to discussing your needs and providing cost-effective FRP composite design and sourcing solutions.